Watching stories

There are several options for watching stories in MyHistro. Most common and simplest way is to push “Play” button and story will start rolling on map and timeline. You can “Pause” or “Rewind” the story any time you need more time for reading or just want to see it once more.

But there are few more cool options you might want to learn:

  • Selecting events from timeline. Watching stories does not necessarily mean you have to watch full story all over again. In case you are interested only in some event, e.g. from middle of the story, you can just click on that event on timeline and there it is!
  • Read more. Stories in MyHistro are much more than just these “event-tweets” on map. To see full event description together with added photos and videos, you should click on “Read more” button. Then you can make your comments on events and add yourself to this event if you were there too!
  • Event by event. Once you have selected “Read more” you´ll be able to see full description of the event. Now, note those arrows on both sides of description box! Using these arrows you can move through story seeing only longer descriptions and without returning to map. Have a try!
  • Story Summary. Although MyHistro is mostly about combining maps and timelines, there is way to see every story as a list of events. For this option you should push on “Story Summary” buttons everywhere you see those  Actually these buttons are really easy to find – let us know if you think we are wrong about this!

Creating stories

There are stories everywhere you look. If MyHistro was ready when Homeros was writing his legendary Oddysseia, he would have used it! And you´d have seen and read it also.

We have made starting really easy. If you see button “Create story” anywhere, just hit it! Later, when you have already few stories ready you will find this button from /Home → Stories/.

To create spectacular story you have to pass through 3 simple steps:

  • Basic details. Just name your story here and give short description of what it´s about. Some photo or picture as a “Story thumbnail” would make it look much nicer!
  • Story events. Here you can add events to your story. Just drag events from the left panel and drop them on right panel to add them to this story. Use the filter and sorting buttons to help you find events if you have a big list. Here you can also easily create new events directly into this story by clicking on the "Create new event" button.
  • Story Sharing. Here you can do some fine-tuning by setting co-authors, privacy levels and if you want to allow comments on this story or not. You´ll find further description of these options below.

And remember: As every story has at least beginning and end, a really good story needs at least 2 events!

Creating events

There are only few things simpler in this world than creating new event in MyHistro! Just go to your “Events” page (Home → Events /or/ Me → Events) and click on “Create new event” button.

For more experienced users there is also option to create new event directly into your story. Select Edit story and then “Create new event” under “Story Events” section.

In every fairy-tale there are always “three wishes” or “three brothers and/or daughters”, “three options” and “three tests”. So is here! To create nice event you should go through these 3 simple steps:

  • Basic details. Here you can name your event and set time of it (date, exact time or period). For more experienced users there are few more options to know:
    • Event type - icon will be visible on the map when playing story and very useful for sorting your events later,
    • Allow comments in this event – here you can select if you want to allow other people to comment your event or not. See “Comments” below for further explanation,
    • Multiple authors – this is option to ask other people to take part of writing this event. See “Co-authors” below for further explanation.
  • Description. Write as long as you like. Or don’t write at all! Description is preferable but not necessary. Your event will work also without it. In that case there will be only event name what people will see. We have added one interesting extra option to this section. Use “People at this event” if there’s been other people somehow connected to this event. You can select names here amongst your MyHistro or Facebook friends.
  • Location. See “Selecting location on map” below for further explanation.

Photos and videos

Adding photos or videos to your events is so natural that even your grandma can do it without further explanation. Just watch for “Edit images and video” button under “Description” section.

Selecting location on map

Every event has its own location.

Although this is all actually very simple, here are some hints for managing your event locations:

  • Address search. Easiest way to find exact spot of your event. Just enter the address and you´ll be offered according location.
  • Manual search. If you do not know address of your event, you can always find it manually. It is very simple, you just have to drag map and find right location.
  • Choosing zoom level!!! Zoom level of the map will determine how fluent your story will be to watch. We suggest selecting similar zoom levels for events in one story. But no problem to try all other options. Just be aware that the very same zoom level you are in when saving you event, will remain also when story is playing. Just try and you’ll see!

Adding events to stories

After you have created a story you can later change or grow it further whenever you like. To do this you just have to select edit story and then add as many events to your story as you like under “Story Events” section.

Using same event in multiple stories

All events can be used in multiple stories. There are no limitations in for how many stories some event can be used.

Privacy levels

Although MyHistro is meant for more personal sharing than some other large sites, there are still few options to know. Privacy in MyHistro has 3 basic levels:

  1. Private - for your own eyes only,
  2. Friends only – only your MyHistro friends can see,
  3. Public - everyone in or outside MyHistro can see.

You can select different privacy levels for every single story you have created. If you want to change your privacy settings later, you can do it easily via “Edit story” option.

Privacy settings can be found under “Story Sharing” block of every story. You can find them easily when creating and/or editing stories.


Co-authoring options can be used separately for both, stories and events. Co-authoring your stories and events is a great way to tell stories together with your friends! Just type the name of any MyHistro friend to share this event with them and they will be added as a co-author. You can even add as many co-authors as you'd like.

Co-authors have exactly same rights for editing story as original author does. That will include changing, deleting, adding more co-authors, setting privacy levels, allowing/refusing comments etc. This is why we strongly suggest handling this option very carefully!

PS: Just so you know, we'll send a co-author request to your friend before adding them as co-author just to double-check that they are ready to take part.


Only registered users can post comments. Author can choose if story or event can be commented or not. By default all events and stories can be commented.

For refusing comments for events, select “Edit event” and uncheck “Allow comments on this event” box from “Basic details” section.

For refusing comments for stories, select “Edit story” and uncheck “Allow comments on this story” box from “Story Sharing” section.


Sharing stories is MyHistro´s main purpose. You can share all stories or events easily via “Share” option.

For sharing private stories we have added e-mailing option. See “Email this story to a friend” link on right bottom corner when watching your private story!

FB connection

How many friends do you have in Facebook? 100? 200? 300? You can easily share your MyHistro stories with them. For this you just need to log in via Facebook. Logged in with myHistro user name and password? Do not forget to connect yourself to your Facebook account on the profile page. This will give you several cool options you´d like to use:

  • You can see all your Facebook friends on your “Friends” page. You just have to select which ones you´d like to have as friends in MyHistro also. You can send them invitation with one click. They will see your invitation in they FB wall;
  • List of your FB friends will then appear in your funny “bacteria boxes” where you can add “people in this event”;
  • And last but not least! Social networks are mostly loved for their sharing functions. MyHistro´s Facebook connection gives you opportunity to post information about your new stories on your FB wall automatically. Isn’t that a cool way to show what you have done in your life?

Finding friends

At MyHistro, there are two major ways of finding friends.

  1. Friends from MyHistro. You can search for people by name (see search box for search options) or visit their MyHistro´s page by clicking on person´s name anywhere in MyHistro. Doing so, you will see “Add as friend” button on upper right side of person´s page. By clicking this button friend request will be sent.
  2. Friends from Facebook. At your “Friends” section, you can find button “Find friends from Facebook”. Pushing this button allows seeing your full list of Facebook friends and gives you opportunity to select people whom you´d like to see as friends also in MyHistro.
  3. Removing friends. In case you feel you don’t want to keep person anymore in your friends list, you can remove this person anytime you like. Removing can be done in your friends list or at certain person’s page.

“I was here too”

This is nice way to show your participation in this Event. If you push this button, your name will be added to this event and author will be notified that you have tagged yourself to this event. Try it!

Quite soon we implement some really interesting extra functionality regarding “I was here” button. Stay tuned!


We strongly suggest you to tag all your stories. Tagging will help you to create collections and also allows other people to find your story more easily. Tags are shown in “map view” during playing the story. They are located on right side of this window, between “People in the story” and “Sharing”. More popular tags are shown also in “Tag Cloud” under Explore section.

If you edit or create your story, tagging options can be found under “Story sharing” section.


A collection is a group of stories that all have the same tag. Collections are convenient way to gather your similar stories or different stories of same theme together. That will help you to manage your stories more easily and allows other people to find rest of your similar stories.

Collections can be created only if your stories are tagged! Therefore we strongly suggest you to tag all your stories! You can add more stories to any collection just by giving them the same tag.


At MyHistro you can use 3 different types of searches:

  1. Search for people,
  2. Search for stories,
  3. Search for collections.

You should select suitable option from search box before you start search process. By default “Search for person” is selected.

Changing e-mail address

We are sorry but we don’t have this option yet. It will be implemented quite soon. Stay tuned!

Changing password

For this you need your old password of course. You can do it so:

/Home → Profile → Edit profile → Change password/.