MyHistro became the Best Website for Teaching and Learning

American Association of School Librarians named myHistro as a 2013 Best Website for Teaching and Learning

AASL announces 2013 Best Websites for Teaching and Learning

MyHistro was nominated for an award: "2013 Best Website for Teaching and Learning"


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4 awesome ways to share your favourite timelines

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2012 was a splendid year for myHistro, and here are some of the highlights.

Every day we create memories but in the end we only remember some of them.

"Write down the thoughts of the moment. Those that come unsought for are commonly the most valuable.” Francis Bacon, Sr.

Are your stories the best they can be?

Some hints for beginners. How to upgrade your timelines and make them more visible and interesting.

myHistro timelines now available at Edmodo

Edmodo is the largest and fastest growing social platform for education with more than 10 million users!

We promised to never discriminate Irish people again

A very short (and not technical) story about how we penalized our Irish users because of their name.

Tell the whole story

Why and how to visualize your family tree, Foursquare check-in´s and LinkedIn information with myHistro

Write for us: the first timelines created

Here are the timelines created by the first writers to join our program. Join our team too and start to write for us | myHistro

Interactive timelines for teachers and students

Learn how to create free interactive timelines for the classroom. Teachers and students alike can make the best of our free timelines creation tool. Because learning can be fun too!

Create your interactive CV using myHistro

Creating an Interactive CV is a great way to give a new spin to an old CV. Create your interactive CV using myHistro importing from your LinkedIn account.

How to create timelines with your iPhone

Keeping a travel journal or a simple diary has never been easier. Learn how to make the most of our iPhone app and set your thoughts and memories in stone.