About myHistro


MyHistro is the social memory-bank, created on the same foundation of combining maps and timelines as of the one-of-a-kind history site Histrodamus. myHistro is the place where new folk memories are born and personal stories are told. It is for everyone who wants to be known and remembered.

At myHistro you can take control of your personal history and choose what will be fixed in the memories of your family, friends and everyone. Here you can show important moments of your life in a new, attractive format - perfect for telling stories!

But myHistro is much more than just personal memories. Some myHistro users create stories about their family and ancestors, other people do the same about their idols – singers, actors, sportsmen or even politicians. And many are using myHistro to plan their future - from their next vacation to full-scale life or career planning - and with myHistro, they can share these plans with closest friends.

For sports clubs it is novel fan-channel, for writers it is a great test ground to frame their next novel, for teachers, myHistro is interactive workbook and for journalists, it's a'-brand new way to map and illustrate their stories.

myHistro is not just another social site, it is a whole new way of telling stories and worth every second of your time!


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