Easily convert selected parts of your family tree and related family information into attractive family stories. It is a dynamic view of your family tree, played on map and timeline or seen as chronological list of events.

Build up your family history in more details with myHistro. Learn about your ancestors and add what they did during their lives or where their major life events happened. Create as many separate stories about different family members as you like.

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  • Easy sign up

    Sign up using your existing Geni credentials and use myHistro for FREE!

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  • Family story with just a few clicks

    Go to your My Stories section and find our special “Create story with Geni” button.

    Convert your Geni family tree into dynamic story-flow with just two clicks.

  • Add some more information

    Improve your story by adding missing locations and as much information, photos or videos as you like.

    You can also use your existing events as a base for new stories.

Check out the sharing and collaboration features

Find out our very interesting collaboration tools which should encourage cooperation between your relatives.

Take advantage of our easy-to-use embedding options and demonstrate your family story within other sites – just copy the special code and paste it into personal website or blog. You don’t have to worry about these embedded stories later - they are updated instantly after you make any changes in your story at myHistro.

You can even see your family story on DVD. Easily convert all your stories into beautiful slideshows and videos with a musical background, share these on YouTube or save as a video file. (Coming soon!)

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