- How do I sign up with myHistro?

Register on our home page and enter your first name, last name, email and password. You can also sign in using your Facebook, Geni, Foursquare and LinkedIn account.

The question about social media is for age verification.

- How can I change my password?

Go to your myHistro Dashboard, look for ‘Profile’, select ‘Edit Profile’ and ‘Change Password’.


- How do I create a new story/timeline?

Go to the Dashboard and under ‘Stories’ tab you will see ‘Create new story’ button. Name your story, give it a description and add a cover photo.

- How do I edit my story/timeline?

On the timeline view, click on ‘edit’ which you’ll find on the tab on your right. You can also find ´edit´ options on ´My Stories´ page when hovering the mouse over your timelines.

- How do I create a new event?

On the Dashboard click on ‘Events’ and ‘Create New Event’. Name your event, add a date, location, description and photos. PS! Don’t forget to save what you’ve created!

If you start by creating a story first, you’ll have more options in later stages to create new events. Look out again for ‘Create New event’.

- How do I change an event?

Go to your story’s timeline view and find a tab on your right. Click on ‘edit’ to make relevant changes.

Another way is to go to your ‘Events’ page and find the event you want to change. Hover the cursor over the event and click on the desired option.

- How do I add a date to event?

From the drop down menu, choose a year/month/day to change it, or type it in manually after selecting ‘set manually’.

If you don’t know the date and/or month of this event, just select a year or a month. Just to let you know, the date of the event is set to display the current time by default.

- Is there a word limit for the event description?

No, you can write up as much text as you like!

- How do I add photos to events?

Click on ‘Add photo’ on the ´Edit Event Details´ view and attach as many photos as you would like.

The other option is to click on myHistro´s `Smart-add` camera icon, which you’ll see on the Dashboard.

- What is an ‘event type’?

This is great for organizing your events. The icon will also be visible on the timeline. Choose the genre for your story from a range of topics, from sports to travel.

- How can I add an event location on the map?

Type in the desired location on the map search box on the ‘Create New Event’ window, or search for it manually using zoom in/out /(+ and –) buttons.

- Do I have to add a location on the map?

Because myHistro is a geo-located timeline, we highly recommended it. If you decide to skip this, your events will appear on the timeline on grey background without a map.

- How do I add events into a story/timeline?

Go to the timeline page, click on ‘Edit’ which you’ll find on your right.

Click on ‘Add and Manage Story Events’ and here you can drag and drop events you have already created, or create a new one.

- How do I delete an event or a story?

Click on ‘Delete’ on the timeline view. Or go to your ‘Stories’ page, find the right timeline and make relevant changes.

- Can I use the same event in multiple stories?

Yes, you can, use one event as many times as you would like. Simply drag and drop events on the ‘Add and manage Story Events’ page.

- Does myHistro support B.C dates?

Yes, it does, up to 271,799 BC.

- Do I have to put end date?

No, it’s optional.

- How do I view my timeline on myHistro?

There are several ways you can view your story/timeline on MyHistro. On the timeline view, click on ‘Play’ and the timeline will start playing automatically. Use “Pause” or “Rewind” to stop at any time.

To read it like book, click on one of the events and browse it manually. Or you can view it as a list of chronological events. Click on ‘View Story Summary’ on the tab on your right.

- Which files does myHistro support?

Currently myHistro supports YouTube videos and pictures in JPEG and PNG file format. More video options to follow soon.


- How do I share my timeline with friends?

Go to the event/story you would like to share and look out for Share option on top of the page (FB, Twitter, Google etc).

If your friends are registered myHistro users, you can add them as “People in this event” or invite them to follow your timeline.

- How do I add new friends on myHistro?

You can search for people by name (see search box for search options) or visit their MyHistro´s page by clicking on the person’s name. Doing so, you will see “Add as friend” button on upper right side of the person’s page.

- How do I add Facebook friends?

Under ‘Friends’ tab here’s a function for it, ‘Find friends from Facebook’.

- What is the difference between a co-author and a (myHistro) friend?

A co-author has the same editing privileges as the original story creator. Your myHistro friends cannot edit your stories, unless you invite to be a co-author.


- What is co-authoring?

When you are working on a group project or writing up a journal of your latest trip, you can invite your friends to be your story’s co-author(s).

By sending an invitation you’ll ask other people to take part in writing either an event or a story. You can assign a co-author only from your myHistro friends.

- What privileges does a co-author have?

A co-author has the same rights as the story’s original creator. He/she will be able to edit the timeline, invite more co-authors, delete and change privacy levels.

- Who can comment on my timeline? Can I disable comments?

Anyone, who is a registered myHistro user can comment on your timeline, unless you have disabled comments.

To disable comments, go to your timeline and click on ‘Edit’. Look out for a highlighted link ‘Tags, privacy, comments’. You can make relevant changes in this section.

- What does ‘I was here’ mean?

This shows your participation in the event. By clicking on it you’ll notify the story’s creator that you have participated in the event.

Also the same events will be duplicated to your collection of events. Just to let you know, this applies only to registered myHistro users who are logged in.

- What does ‘people at this event’ mean?

As a story creator you can add the names of people who participated in this event. If they are community members at myHistro, they will be notified and they names will appear at the event.

- What are tags?

Tags are keywords that describe your story. Tags are very useful if you want to expose your timeline to larger audiences.

Add as many tags as you would like. You can find some of the most popular tags under the ‘Explore’ section. Tags are also shown on your timeline ´Play´view, located on the tab on your right.

- How do I embed the timeline into my blog/website?

At the bottom of the timeline you’ll see a section ‘Embed story’. Here you’ll see two links, one for playing your timeline automatically and another for manually. Simply choose one of the links and copy the embedded code into your blog or website.

In this section you can also customize the dimensions for your timeline.

- What are KML and CSV for?

You can export your personal timeline or any other (public) timeline into KLM (for Google Earth files) and CSV (for spreadsheets).

- Can I print out my timeline?

Yes, you can do this. On the timeline view, click on PDF button and printable version of your timeline will be created in about 30 seconds.


- Who can see my timeline? Can I keep it private?

You decide what others will see. There are three privacy levels to choose from. You can keep your diary private, make it public or keep it between you and your friends.

- Some of the events from my timeline have disappeared.

Try to refresh your timeline. Have a look if you can see your events on the timeline page and in your Events list. If you can’t find them, contact us at feedback@myhistro.com.

- My timeline is missing. Help!

Try to refresh your browser and most probably your timeline will appear again.

If not, send us your profile name and email us at feedback@myhistro.com. We’ll try out best to find and recover you missing timeline.

- Why my events won’t appear in chronological order?

Try to refresh your browser. If they are not lined up chronologically, contact us at feedback@myhistro.com

- I've found a bug!

Contact us at feedback@myhistro.com and we’ll try to get it fixed ASAP.

- How do I delete my account?

Email us at feedback@myhistro.com and we to remove your account from our system.

- Does myHistro own the copyrights of my content (text, photography and videos)?

myHistro does not own the copyrights of your content nor is responsible for it. We may use the content without your permission for marketing purposes and share it on our social media platforms and blogs.