We promised to never discriminate Irish people again

Although, they say there are no certain things in life except death and taxes, there is definitely one more thing - if you are building a site like myHistro, you´ll never get bored. There a thousands of moments when you start thinking if you should laugh or ...well, maybe not exactly cry...but you know what I mean. This one below is one of those and I decided to share it with all our friends.

We got e-mail from one of our community members which said: 

when i try to create a new event, in firefox chrome and internet explorer 10 it wont let me change any of the fields on the entry page. eg i cant choose a start date, end date, a location etc

We were stunned for the moment after receiving this message... WHAT? HOW? NO WAY! ...we thought. Anything like this, it just can´t happen. We have tested myHistro so much; it should be almost bulletproof by now. And everything was working just fine as we started quickly our new tests. Whatever we tried, everything was well in order and working smoothly. That is - until we figured it out.  

You can see from my reply what was the problem:


We appreciate your feedback and must apologize for this problem. It is all fixed now and you can continue with editing and creating events at myHistro.

It appears the problem was related to your Irish name. And this is not a joke at all... we found out that our system was confused due to apostrophe in your last name: Mc'Donald (name changed). We are sorry for that and promise we will never discriminate Irish people again 


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