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Here, at myHistro, we are big believers in creating and sharing meaningful content. We do not believe that casual tweets and posts are those that define you as a person.

We do believe that every person has much more than just a one side to express and recall. We have always wanted myHistro to be a place where people can complete their “actual self” by showing different sides of one's personality: from ancestors and family tree to experiences and education, from hobbies to general interests and real friends.

That is why we previously added the possibility to convert your Geni´s family tree into myHistro´s family story.  And that´s why we have added options to visualize your career and education from LinkedIn and create a story of your good times (check in´s) from Foursquare

Creating these stories is easy - log in by using specific credentials and the rest is just one click away. Go to your "Stories" page and select suitable button.


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