myHistro timelines now available at Edmodo

Great news for teachers! MyHistro´s special educational app is now available at Edmodo.comEdmodo is the largest and fastest growing social platform for education with more than 10 million users!

Our new app is a great teaching tool which supports learning in several ways:


o Our tools allow students to study history (but also geography etc.) interactively and on the Web, making learning more appealing to digital natives;

o myHistro visualizes historic processes and events in map and timeline, allows to understand simultaneously all three dimensions of a story: where, when, and how;

o Allows to better understand the whole narrative and how different historic events influence each other;


In the Classroom

o Teacher can easily prepare interactive materials for every lesson;

o Interactive learning by watching and commenting stories;

o Can be used for grading and testing very easily;


At Home

o Ideal for creating independent projects (homeworks) in history or geography. It is a great tool to asses a student's understanding of a specific subject and be sure that the student is not just memorizing dates and names but is actually connecting the dots;

o Students can use the timelines created by the teacher to study at home and prepare for tests;

o Well suited for group assignments due to various collaboration tools (co-authors, exporting information into CSV or KML, commenting, Follow this story etc.);

o On Myhistro, students never stop learning. Thanks to “Today in History“ notifications they can recall something they already learned or even learn something new.


We appreciate all your ideas and suggestions of how else can myHistro be used at shcools and what should we improve or add in order to make it more functional for teachers and students.  

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