Interactive timelines for teachers and students

Who says that learning can't be fun? And who says that you only learn from dusty old books in a library? Surely not us. That's why we created and


First there was ...

Histrodamus has been used as a teaching tool in Estonia right from the start. Teachers would plan whole history lessons around it: interacting with maps and timelines let their students visualize where and when something happened. Learning shifted from memorizing dates and names to forming a clear mental picture of the flow of history - something some students had trouble achieving with traditional methods. Looking up different events that happened in a given period in different places allowed the students to follow different and personalized mental paths toward learning. The one dimensional sequence of the pages of a book can hardly keep up with the several dimensions of interactive learning.

... then came

In today's Web 2.0 world, user generated content and collaboration are what drives knowledge and knowledge sharing. The time of passivity and being subjected to what the web has to offer is long gone. Even "interactive" has been replaced by "social". -Enter myHistro- MyHistro focuses on content creation rather than content consumption. Teachers and the students alike can create free interactive timelines in a few easy steps. 


"Studying a timeline" vs "Creating a timeline"

Now teachers have two great ways of using our timelines to engage their students:

  1. Teachers can create specific timelines, present them in the class using a projector like they would do with a slide deck or let the students navigate the timeline freely on their own in the computer room. Students will be able to find those same timelines later at home and use them as studying material.
  2. Teachers can ask their students to create timelines on a particular subjects as homework. Timelines can also be created with the collaboration of other students. They are a great way of consolidating what has been learned in the class and with them teachers can evaluate the research and writing skills of the student. See this example of timeline created by a student:


What other uses do you see for MyHistro in Education?


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