How to create timelines with your iPhone

Creating timelines on the go has always been one of the most requested features and it is now possible with our iPhone app.


Myhistro's iPhone and iPod Touch app is available on the appstore. It offers simplified functionality but thanks to its intuitive interface users are still able to easily carry out the basic operations:

  • Create new accounts

  • Create new timelines

  • Create new events with descriptions, photos and locations

  • Manage existing timelines and events

log-in screen of the myhistro iphone app

Create a new Journal

I'll skip the account creation for now and focus more on content creation. The next image shows a list of all the stories/timelines/journals that you created. This is a picture of an active account so of course your list will be empty when you start. To add a new one simply tap on the bottom of the screen.

view stories screen of the myhistro iphone app

Next is the timeline creation view. As you can see you can type a title and a short description just like you would do on myHistro's website. To add a photo that describes the story, tap the photo icon.

create new story screen of the myhistro iphone app

Adding Events

When the story is ready you can move on to adding events to it. You can chose from existing events, like in the next image or create new ones.

chose from existing events screen of the myhistro iphone app

Creating new events is where the iPhone app really becomes a traveler's best friend. Location and date are determined automatically and you can easily add a description and pictures by tapping the icons in the simple menu. Keeping a travel journal has never been easier

create new event screen of the myhistro iphone app


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