Every day we create memories but in the end we only remember some of them.

In the 21st century digital storytelling has taken the web by storm. Call it multimedia storytelling or micro-blogging, these are just some of the many ways how to share your experiences using MyHistro.

Whether you are using MyHistro app or the browser-based tool, both are great platforms for any type of stories. Here you can publish/share your latest school projects, weekend getaway breaks or the journey of your favourite bands. These are just few of the ways getting started.  

What do you need to do to create a story? The easiest way to start would be describing your recent travels. Going away can be so inspirational, whether it was a leisure trip or something work related. While flicking through your photo album, either on your mobile or online you encounter memories of a world you experienced. And the most exciting thing is, in MyHistro you can share creative and personal stories. You can even have a go at micro-blogging and write in short notes. We don’t think our writer’s need to follow strict guidelines.

Going away and meeting new people, experiencing a different way of life – these are all important elements of a story. With MyHistro you can even highlight the location. So you can recommend the bustling café or that ancient castle you visited in Scotland. You can give readers a more visual experience through photos and videos you have taken on your travels.  

We love stories in MyHistro. Whether they are about your childhood, work related travels or school project, our community invites people to share and keep the content colourful and interesting.

Heard a funny story but you are not much of a writer? With the MyHistro app you can jot down some ideas, upload a photo, highlight it on a map and you are good to go. Or maybe you are a passionate explorer but don't have the time to write in-depth chronicles? Once you feel you have all the relevant information, photographs and videos together, you are good to go! You have an option to go public, keep it private or share it with friends.

Sharing your experiences with friends and family has never been easier.

Looking forward to reading your experiences and fascinating school projects. Whatever your interest, MyHistro welcomes you to join our writers’ community!


Happy writing!

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