Create your interactive CV using myHistro

Myhistro is a great tool with many different uses but how many of you ever thought about using it to create an interactive CV or resume?


I bet you all read the title and are already so eager to try creating your interactive resumes now. Let's see together how to do that in a few easy steps.


The best way to go about creating your resume is definitely to import your data from LinkedIn if you already have an account there. Go to your Stories page and click on the LinkedIn icon on the right.

stories page snippet linkedin icon snippet

The import tool will fetch all the possible information about your education and work experience and turn that into a timeline.

interactive CV on myhistro

Fine tuning

You may have to edit the information manually to improve the final result.

  • add pictures and locations that LinkedIn didn't have in their database or substitute them with more fitting ones. 
  • add extra text and photos to the description of each milestone of your career to make it more engaging for the viewer. Think graduation pictures, awards cerimonies or even just office parties.
  • add any other event that was not on LinkedIn and that you think is relevant for you career, like countries where you lived or very important travels that made you become who you are. If you already have these events inside another story you can simply add them by drag and drop. Otherwise go on and create new events. 
existing events page edit or create event page


The end result will be an awesome interactive CV that you can embed on any website or blog thanks to our HTML code. Go to view your timeline and look at the bottom of the sidebar. You'll find a box just like in the picture below. It works with any timeline of course, not just with CVs and resumes.

embedded code


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