Are your stories the best they can be?

 We are glad to see so many active authors at myHistro. Now, when you have already created some events or new stories (timelines), we´d like to “upgrade” you to the next level and help to take the most of myHistro.

 See these simple suggestions to find how to make the best of your stories:


Want more exposure to your stories/timelines at myHistro - tag them.

1. Select “edit” story,

2. Click on “Tags, privacy, comments” (You´ll find it under “1. General Information”),

3. Just write suitable tags. You can use existing tags from myHistro´s tag cloud but you can also create as many new tags as you like.


Did you know you can share all public stories outside myHistro?

We will not talk about ordinary and basic sharing options here. We will concentrate on two different options – embedding and exporting.

1.      Simple embedding: just find the embedded code found on the sidebar of any story, copy the code and paste it to your blog or website. Or share this code amongst your friends so they could do the same.

2.      Export options: Exporting any public story is really simple and it can be done with just a one click. There are options to export all data (except photos) into CSV file (spreadsheet), or you can create cool KML file (Google Earth file) which has also photos. Even if you don’t need these options at this moment, we suggest you to try them anyway. Especially we want to show you our really neat and special time-slider at Google Earth.


You have created some events and posted a story.

Now you are about to make a new one. The simplest way to do this is to use already existing events as a base. You can easily use all existing events in your new stories with a simple drag and drop. Just follow these steps:

1.      Create new story,

2.      Open “2. Add & Manage Story Events”,

3.      Select events you want to use in the new story from left column,

4.      Click on “ Add to story” or just drag & drop these events from left to right column,

5.      Don’t forget to save your story.


Co-authoring is fun.

Most authors write alone. But sometimes it is quite nice to have someone next to you. Even if it´s just for fun. This is how you can do it:

1.      Create new story or Edit story,

2.      Check the “Story co-authors” box on under “1. General Information”,

3.      Write the name of your co-author,

4.      That’s it! Just remember, only your myHistro friends can co-author you at myHistro.


Add some videos

Photos tell more than thousand words but videos will triple the effect. You can make your stories much more appealing if you add some relevant videos to your events.

1. Find “Add video, co-authors and more” at the bottom of the event creation/editing page;

2. Click to open;

3. Add (paste) the URL of the Youtube video.



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