4 awesome ways to share your favourite timelines

"File sharing is our radio; that's the way people hear our stuff." - Guy Picciott
The advantage of Internet is that it connects people from all over the world. And it makes sharing much easier! In this post you’ll find out several ways you can share a public myHistro timeline.  

1. The newest way of sharing your timelines is a PDF format. This applies to all public timelines. It’s also a very handy way of storing timelines as resources.      

2. Some of our users have asked if there is a way to export a timeline into CSV format. You’ll find this option on your timeline view (see above). Simply look out for CSV, and you’ll be able to download a chart view (time, location, description) of any public timeline.
3. Similarly you can export your timeline into KLM (Google Earth file).
4. Another useful way is embedding. Some of you might think, what’s embedding? The beauty of it is in that code you copy-paste from your timeline page into other websites. This way you can place your story into your own blog, or website.
To get started with embedding check out a section ‘Additional Information’ located at the bottom of the timeline. There you’ll see two links, one for playing your timeline automatically and another for manually. Simply choose one of the links and copy –paste the embedded code into your blog, or website. Customize the dimensions for your timeline accordingly to the size you would like to display it.


Check out other great ways you can highlight you and your friends participation in events. Features such as ‘I was here’, ‘people in this event’ and co-authoring are ideal for stories written by multiple authors.
Happy storytelling!
The myHistro team



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