2012 was a splendid year for myHistro, and here are some of the highlights.

We are glad to share that myHistro community has grown rapidly over the year! A record number of users have signed up, and all thanks to you, our passionate storytellers!

Enhancing the user experience has been our priority since the birth of myHistro. For this we improved user interface, introduced many new features that help simplify the creation of a timeline - all for a richer user experience! 

Back in the day myHistro was available just in English. Now there are six other languages available, where you can choose from Portugese to Japanese. And we got even more planned for the future! You can find the translations on the website’s top right corner.

You might have noticed that once you log in, your Dashboard has turned into a small news section. This is where majority of the new features are displayed. 

- 'Today in Your History’ is a new section on your Dashboard that keeps you up to date with all your friends’ and followers’ events by highlighting it chronologically. It’s one of our favourite additions. Hope you enjoy it too!

- ‘Follow this story’ does exactly what it says! And if the creator makes any changes in the timeline, you’ll be notified about it. 

- ‘I was here’ highlights your participation in a particular event or a timeline and saves a duplicate version into your list of events. Whether you went traveling with your friends, or created a project together, this feature is created for showing your support! 

- The greatest thing about the media gallery is that now you can upload an unlimited amount of photos and a Youtube video per event. We are working to allow different sources into your events, which will be available in the nearest future. 

- Viewing statistics next to your story shows you how popular your timeline is. It’s especially handy for our ‘Write for Us’ program writers! Make sure you view the story by clicking ‘Play’. Then the view will be recognized by our system and added automatically.

- In myHistro we believe sharing is caring. Embedding your story into another site brings your readers closer to your experience. Have a play with the size and set it to play automatically or manually!

The advanced BC option in our calendar system is one of the features made possible thanks to lots of requests from our users. And we are especially happy over our partnership with Geni, a family history website, which enables you to access your family records. Since MyHeritage acquired Geni, your chances of sharing the information of your family history just got greater!

It was during the hot summer days when we released the very first myHistro app for iPhone and iPod. It was a lively time in myHistro and worth all the hard work! In 2013, we also intend to launch the myHistro app for iPad and Android users. In addition, we got few more exciting options lined up for visualizing your timeline and some interesting recourses for improving teaching and learning. This all will be launched later in the year! Stay tuned!

PS! We are always working on myHistro and want to go extra miles for our users. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, if there is something you would like to see on myHistro!


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